One Giant Leap for Binkind

The future of wheelie bins has now been cemented in Cornwall this Summer (yes you read that correctly). The council has reviewed their waste and recycling policy ahead of a new waste collection contract which will run from April 2020. Under that contract the council is looking to introduce a weekly recycling and food waste collection service with all other waste being collected fortnightly. The change has seen praise as it is set to help boost the amount of waste recycled in Cornwall whilst reducing the overall amount of “black bag” waste. This is set to increase the recycling percentage from 36% to 65% by 2030.

Enter Wheelie bins to the rescue! The council will now provide 180 litre wheelie bins to 78% of residents, with the remaining lucky campers receiving 180 litre seagull-proof sacks. Not that we’re biased or anything, but what can a sack do that a bin can’t? Nothing is the answer. Bins are great. Collectors will now only collect waste which is placed inside the wheelie bins or seagull-sacks and will not take any additional rubbish as that will now be officially outside of their jurisdiction. They’re putting their foot down.

Households will continue to use the current bag and box which are used to collect recyclable materials including cardboard, paper, plastic, glass, tin foil and tin cans. The households will be able to request additional bags if they need them. In addition to that, they will be given two caddies for food waste collection. Never before have houses had such access to bins. Utopia.
With the council currently in the process of drawing up the tender for its new waste collection contract there is a need to have the containers agreed before the tender is issued in July. The new waste collection contract is due to start in April 2020. The bin overview and scrutiny committee, an organisational body with more clout in the bindustry than any other, are set to make their recommendations on the preferred form of rubbish and recycling containers next Thursday. Which way will Caesar’s thumb turn? Tune in next week on BritishBins to find out.

One Giant Leap for Binkind

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