Charity Thief Throws Good Will in The Bin

Once again someone has used a wheelie bin for nefarious ends. When will this madness end? I ask you. According to reports in the Mail Online & The Birmingham Mail, a rapscallion from Ashby has been loading a wheelie bin with stolen Charity shop donations like some sort of deranged reverse-bin Santa, his trusty 240 litre gift sleigh being pulled between Leicestershire’s charity shops by a pack of feral dogs that he’s sort of managed to tame. Perhaps the most concerning thing about this situation is that the authorities are presently unclear as to the accuracy of rumours that the culprit can in fact see you when you’re sleeping, or indeed if he’s somehow aware that you’re asleep at all. Leicestershire Police are currently investigating allegations of domestic burglary and voyeurism. We’ll keep you updated with the most recent developments on this one, but please, for goodness sake, we ask you all to just be good – we don’t fully know what he’s capable of yet. Budget Clause is coming to town.

Reports tell us that Angela Sherratt, 54, confronted the man outside of a Cancer Research as he rifled through donation bags, loading the finest of the pillaged treasure into a wheelie bin. According to Ms Sheratt’s husband John, “he wasn’t just taking things out of the bags. He was putting whole bin liners in the bin. There were three or four bags of stuff. That bin was chocker.” The couple proceeded to ask the man, who didn’t appear to understand English, to put the items back, though the man continued to look through the bags even as he did so. According to witnesses, “he didn’t need help. Not at all. He was well dressed and wearing quite trendy jeans”. At this stage the thief in nice jeans’ identity is still unknown.

Donations to Cancer Research are particularly welcome at this time of year.

Charity Thief Throws Good Will in The Bin

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