News and Comment 4/03/2016

Mavericks and their wheelie bins.


Everyone appreciates the way that the noble wheelie bin fights the good fight: stiffening its upper lid through the seasons and bravely performing its unglamorous duties. Yet there are mavericks in this world who look at a wheelie bin and see something greater. There are those who look at a wheelie bin guzzle waste, and all they see is wasted potential. Why merely be a bin, when you can be a menacing, animatronic terroriser of towns?  Why merely be a bin, when you can be an artistic masterpiece? Why indeed…

Last week Youtuber and inventor Colin Furze made national news after he unleashed his remote control wheelie bin onto the unsuspecting town of Stamford, Lincolnshire.  After fitting a green 260 with an engine, Colin decided to personify his creation by crudely attaching two eyes and a mouth; fittingly granting it an uncanny resemblance to Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Terminator movies. The bin had a merry old day buzzing around town, evading waste collectors and scaring old ladies, before presumably bellowing ‘GET TO THE TIPPER!’ and roaring off into the sunset in a hail of milk cartons and banana peels.

Another maverick, another online hit: wheelie bin artist ‘Binsy,’-real name Brett Day- has gone viral after demonstrating his collection of spray paint art on wheelie bins. Brett has now quit his old job for good, hoping to make a full time living out of his rather impressive bin art, probably hoping that one-day people start calling him Leonardo da Binci, or at the very least stop calling him ‘Binsy.’

Inspiration hit Brett when he was putting his bins out ‘and realised that they looked horrible,’ and he though ‘why not try and make them a bit more pretty?’ We appreciate Brett’s eloquent mission statement, not to mention his undoubted talent, but hope these makeovers don’t lead to unrealistic image standards for bins. Remember, wheelie bins, no matter what your size, you’re gorgeous just the way you are.

News and Comment 4/03/2016