Introducing the Ballot Bin Ashtray


A modern art sculpture commenting upon the throwaway nature of our vote in an increasingly homogenised parliamentary system? Not quite; the new ‘Ballot Bin ashtray’ just aims to keep our streets clean.

The voting system encourages use of the innovative new ashtray, allowing the user to choose one of two slots in which to dispose their cigarette butt, the results of which are shown in two transparent windows. The questions can be changed to reflect topical events and issues relevant to the area in which the ashtray is placed.

The concept went viral after an image of its trial run on Villiers street -Who’s the best footballer in the world? (Messi or Ronaldo) – was shared on reddit. The trial was a resounding success, though presumably the avalanche of butts on the floor at the entrance of Embankment station suggest that the majority of Londoners actually think that Neymar is the best footballer in the world.

Still though, this is a smart initiative from Hubbub, a new charity that utilises ‘hub’ of activity to spark peoples interest in sustainability issues. Other ‘hubs’ include talking rubbish bins, chewing gum artwork and chalking around littered items.



Introducing the Ballot Bin Ashtray

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