Lambeth Council doing away with recycling sacks in favour of wheelie bins.

This week comes the news that 2000 households in Lambeth are receiving green bins for commingled recycling, replacing the clear sacks that have become commonplace for many in London. If a success, the scheme could be rolled- or rather, wheeled- out  across the entire borough.

According to Lambeth council, the benefits of bins over sacks are manifold.  They believe that wheelie bins are easier to use and move than sacks, meaning fewer spillages and cleaner streets. More importantly, the addition of a lidded enclosure ensures that pesky foxes and other wildlife don’t get at people’s rubbish.

Councillor Jennifer Brathwaite has stated ‘Recycling is so important and we want to make it as simple as possible.’ The council is adamant that the introduction of recycling wheelie bins will ‘make our streets cleaner.’

At BritishBins we know that recycling shouldn’t be a chore. We’re a leading online vendor of wheelie bins and smart recycling solutions , so we are well aware of the benefits of a robust, ergonomically designed solution to a waste problem, over a transparent sack. recycling-containers



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