Glasgow launches major recycling drive.

Today Scotland’s largest city has launched a major initiative aimed at cutting the amount of waste it sends to landfill.

The Glasgow City council has started to give out kitchen waste caddies to households across the city, distributing 12,000 each week. Residents will be able to deposit their food waste from the new caddy into brown garden waste bins for fortnightly collection.

This is just part of a larger investment in services designed to make it easier for Glasgow’s residents to actively recycle more of their waste. Glasgow council’s Bailie McDougall stated ‘we want to create a cleaner and greener Glasgow for everyone, especially future generations. This week sees the start of the delivery of more than 113,000 food waste caddies to kerbside household across the city.’


We love to see government investment in recycling projects such as these. Glasgow sends nearly 165,000 tonnes of household waste to landfill annually. It’s important to instill good habits into future generations from an early age, giving them necessary resources so that recycling becomes second nature.

Glasgow launches major recycling drive.

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