Glasgow launches major recycling drive.

Today Scotland’s largest city has launched a major initiative aimed at cutting the amount of waste it sends to landfill.

The Glasgow City council has started to give out kitchen waste caddies to households across the city, distributing 12,000 each week. Residents will be able to deposit their food waste from the new caddy into brown garden waste bins for fortnightly collection.

This is just part of a larger investment in services designed to make it easier for Glasgow’s residents to actively recycle more of their waste. Glasgow council’s Bailie McDougall stated ‘we want to create a cleaner and greener Glasgow for everyone, especially future generations. This week sees the start of the delivery of more than 113,000 food waste caddies to kerbside household across the city.’


We love to see government investment in recycling projects such as these. Glasgow sends nearly 165,000 tonnes of household waste to landfill annually. It’s important to instill good habits into future generations from an early age, giving them necessary resources so that recycling becomes second nature.

Glasgow launches major recycling drive.

Man fined for dumping rubbish 200 metres away from a recycling centre.

Arthur Woszcyna, 25, of Clare Road, Maidenhead, pleaded guilty after being charged for illegally dumping waste in Burnham. The court heard how a large pile of rubbish was discovered dumped in the middle of crosspiece lane- just two hundred metres from Bucks County Council’s household waste recycling centre, which was on the very same road.

What is notable about this case isn’t just flagrant laziness, but flagrant stupidity, as Mr Woszycyna left many documents with his name printed all over them in his rubbish pile. He was ordered to pay a £725 fine, contribute £300 towards costs and also pay a £73 victim surcharge, making a total bill of £1098.

The case was handled by Buckinghamshire council on behalf of the Waste Partnership for Buckinghamshire, which -since the start of its illegal dumping costs campaign in 2003- has secured over 500 convictions against individuals: almost one a week. That’s alot of fines.


Remember kids: grime doesn’t pay.




Man fined for dumping rubbish 200 metres away from a recycling centre.

Lambeth Council doing away with recycling sacks in favour of wheelie bins.

This week comes the news that 2000 households in Lambeth are receiving green bins for commingled recycling, replacing the clear sacks that have become commonplace for many in London. If a success, the scheme could be rolled- or rather, wheeled- out  across the entire borough.

According to Lambeth council, the benefits of bins over sacks are manifold.  They believe that wheelie bins are easier to use and move than sacks, meaning fewer spillages and cleaner streets. More importantly, the addition of a lidded enclosure ensures that pesky foxes and other wildlife don’t get at people’s rubbish.

Councillor Jennifer Brathwaite has stated ‘Recycling is so important and we want to make it as simple as possible.’ The council is adamant that the introduction of recycling wheelie bins will ‘make our streets cleaner.’

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